George Sabol

“Messengers Of The Will Of God”

The person who does the will of my Father in heaven. – Matt 7:21

  1. Listen and Act – Jesus warned the people that it is not enough to listen to His words; it is also necessary to act upon them. The person that not only listens but also takes on the necessary service to God and man has built his house on rock and it will not fail.
  2. Francis and the Poor Man – A poor man entered the cloth shop of Francis’ father begging for alms for the love of God. Francis, being occupied with business, did not assist the poor man with his needs. Later, he accused himself of rudeness to the poor man, saying to himself that if the beggar would have asked in the name of a great man of Assisi how gracious he would have been. From then on Francis resolved not to deny a request of anyone asking in the name of God.
  3. Life’s Messengers – Jesus came at Christmas to be a messenger from God His Father. As a man, Jesus was a builder and He knew the need of a solid foundation to build upon. Francis recognized that the poor man begging for alms was in fact a messenger from God, and if he was to build a solid foundation for his life, he needed to not only hear God’s message but also to act upon it. Who have been the messengers in my life? Have I always been attentive to the messages and acted on them to serve God and man? Maybe more importantly, when do I need to be a messenger to others?

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