George Sabol


Meditations of Peace and Good

“What Does Jesus Say I Am? #3”

“You are the Sons of God” – Matt 5:9

  1. Happiness of Jesus – In the beatitudes Jesus spoke of happiness; those that are poor in spirit, are gentle, that mourn and give comfort, do what is right, are merciful, pure in heart, and are peacemakers. Jesus said that those are the sons of God and the kingdom of heaven is theirs. Jesus used the beatitudes to teach the crowds and a teacher can only teach what he knows. Although Jesus was teaching the source of true happiness and joy to the crowd, He was also plainly speaking of the source of joy within Himself. For Jesus’ joy was but a reflection of the beatitudes within Him. For Jesus is the perfect Son of God and the kingdom of heaven is His.
  2. Happiness of Francis – In the early days of the little brothers they lived together at Rivotorto. At night they huddled together in the abandoned sty that was so small that Francis chalked names on the wood beams holding the roof so that each could have his place. Although either cold or hot, damp and windy, it was a palace of Lady Poverty to the brothers. Those were happy times for Francis and the brothers for they were living the beatitudes, living as Pope Francis would nearly 800 years later call the Joy of the Gospels.
  3. Our Happiness – Happiness is a condition of our circumstances while joy is heartfelt. Our happiness, our joy, is in the acceptance and realization that we, too, are the sons of God and the kingdom of heaven is ours. For as a son is known by his likeness to his father, as a daughter is known by her learning from her mother, so are we to reflect the likeness and knowledge of the Father. How like the Father am I? Am I gentle and merciful? Do I do what is right and a peacemaker? Does my life reflect the beatitudes? When I do so, I am like Jesus, a son of God filled with happiness in my circumstances and filled with the joy of the Creator.

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