George Sabol


Meditations of Peace and Good

‘What Does Jesus Say I Am? #2″

“I am the vine, you are the branches.” – John 15:13

  1. Jesus’ Thoughts – In His teaching, Jesus used the simple things of life to speak of God. The daily scenes of life are drawn into His sacred conspiracy to capture us for His Father. Whether it was the image of the grape vine and its branches, or the birds and flowers of the field, or the hairs on our head, all speak of and point to a God of majesty that cares deeply for each of us. Jesus used these as a challenge to our senses and our mind to think of God, to think like God – all is good. Those who would listen, would ponder the words, would hold them in their hearts and would discover the truth of God. His words are a challenge; as we accept His words God is revealed, as we reject His words God is concealed.
  2. Francis’ Thoughts – Francis saw himself as a troubadour for the Lord playing music with his life to please God and to draw others into a chorus of joy and praise. Was it the words of Jesus that caused Francis to pick up a branch from the forest and to play it like a violin dancing with all of creation in joy for his discovery of the truth of Jesus’ words, of the joy of God? In dwelling on the words of Jesus, Francis saw the world as a way to point to Jesus as the vine and to rejoice in being His branch.
  3. My Thoughts – God made all things and all things point to God. Everything speaks of God and is to lead us to the discovery and knowledge of God. Can I, like Francis, hear the truths in the simple words of Jesus and come to know and love my God? Do I reflect the thoughts of Jesus for me and point to God for others? If I but think of beauty, simplicity, honesty, purity, virtue and the truth of Jesus and see it in this world, then I will think of heaven and sing as a troubadour for God.

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