George Sabol

“Peace in Union with the Faithful”

Eight days later the disciples were in the room and Thomas was with them. – John 20:26

  1. Peace Be with You – For eight days Jesus did not return to the disciples nor did He seek out Thomas in his solitude. It was not until Thomas either found the desire to return to his friends or was coerced to join them. Tincture of time can heal wounds of the heart, and the unbearable onslaught of grief by Thomas had dulled its pain. Thomas was with those closest to Jesus when He came in and stood among them. “Peace be with you,” He said. Those very words by Jesus were surely familiar to Thomas and was proof enough for Him. He found his peace in union with those he loved. The peace that Jesus brought.
  2. Peace with Us – A familiar legend of Saint Francis and his little brothers is of public preaching. According to the story, Francis had the brothers process through a town, around the fountain, and out of the town in silence in response to the brothers’ request to preach to the people. Upon leaving the town Francis was asked by the brothers, “So, when shall we preach?” And his response, “You just did.” The very presence of those that are faithful to the message of Jesus’ peace and proclaim that message by their lives speaks volumes and can be far more effective in proclaiming God’s peace than the most eloquent sermon.
  3. Peace Is the Highest Proof – The highest proof that we can offer to the world of Jesus’ message of peace and His abiding presence among us is not of the senses or of words or manifestations, but of spiritual being in union with others. We best manifest our spiritual beliefs when our spirit resonates with the spirit of others. In that resonance, we play a symphony that the world hears and will listen to due to its overpowering presence. That communal spirit is ageless and is expressed in the Communion of Saints. The communal life of the Church is proof to the world of the Risen Lord. What is impossible alone is fulfilled in the many.

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