George Sabol


“Be not faithless, but faithful.” – John 20:27

  1. Rescued by Friends – Thomas had been in danger of losing his faith in Jesus, but he was rescued by his friends. They did not give up on him but persevered in bringing him back to them and to faith in Jesus. Upon seeing and hearing Jesus, Thomas’ faith was restored and his spirit leaped forward in even greater joy and love at receiving back what had been lost. Jesus, being fully aware of the road ahead, the rejection that they would receive from others, their trials and hardships, rebuked Thomas and gave warning to all to remain faithful.
  2. Living Stones – The way that Saint Francis chose was dangerous and he may well have lost his way if it were not for his Order of Lesser Brothers, an order founded on Jesus Christ and built of living stones gathered from every part of the world. It was built as a dwelling place where the spirits of many can grow and flourish in devout love for God and one another. These were the new disciples of Jesus that would sustain and nourish and support one another. The faith of the many gives strength to the faith of the one, and the faith of the one can be the wellspring of enthusiasm to the many.
  3. Signposts – The road of faith is not easily traveled alone. There are dangers on life’s path and often, in spite of our best intentions, we stumble or take a wrong turn. That is why community is vital to remaining faithful. Those who travel life’s way with us help us to read the signposts and can be living signposts to us. Spiritual life is a growth. It cannot be lifeless. To remain spiritually stationary is impossible. A soul that is rich in friends of God is rich in the nourishment to grow and prosper and multiply. Who are my living stones to show me the way and to strengthen me for the journey?

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